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Which rectifier/regulator?

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I need a new rec/reg for my K9 650.
Which one should I go for?

Are you sure it's the reg/rec? They aren't something that fail often on these bikes AFAIK. If you need one I'd say best place to look is eBay for a 2nd hand OEM one, there are lots listed.

I'm getting no voltage to the battery.
The stator is putting out 70+ volts on all three phases @ 5000rpm
It also passes the ohms and bad earth check.
The rec/reg passes the diode check, but there's nothing else I can check on it.

I did get voltage after leaving over night, but I've just checked again and I'm back to square one.

I'm in the process of checking the loom, are there any particular places I should check first?


The wires go from the reg/rec to the starter relay and then to the battery. I'd check those wires first if you're checking the loom. Not sure if the starter relay can cause the problem, but it might be worth looking into that.

My DL650 AL5, 21000 miles, is not charging the battery, had the output from the stator checked, bloke says that's OK but suspects it could be the regulator that's giving trouble.
Bike would not restart after a long ride, had to jump start it and keep the revs up then to ride it home, if the revs dropped it felt like the bike was going to stall so had to keep the revs up by blipping the throttle in traffic which wasn't easy.
New battery fitted recently, bike is draining the battery so there is an issue somewhere, which is the best reg rec to buy? or is this likely to solve the problem?


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