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What have you done with your V-Strom today?

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--- Quote from: "Coval" ---...remove muffs - expecting a heatwave...
--- End quote ---

Well, that's the good weather cursed then..... :angry-tappingfoot:

Checked all fluid levels
Checked tyre pressure, tread and condition
looked at the chain, nicely lubed by the oiler
Looked at the mounted 3cs, tried to work out the powerlet wiring route

Nowt, its still alseep in the hut under its tarp....Did think about going to the post office to take it off SORN on Saturday morning, then the Mrs suggested I come back to bed...and, well, its still on sorn  :thumb:

Yep Strommer, will keep the measurements on record. I'll PM them to you once I have made sure they are correct (if I remember...) It's difficult to get an accurate measurement. I took some rope and put it along the hose, moving along at small intervals, and then measured the rope afterwards (used nylon rope that doesn't stretch much.) I think I wrote one measurement down completely wrong.

I've just fitted my spanking new Wilbers shock, looks a thing of engineering beauty. Thankfully not much of a drama to change either, which is nice.


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