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What have you done with your V-Strom today?

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--- Quote from: "Juvecu" ---Yep Strommer, will keep the measurements on record...
--- End quote ---

Ta.  NB Also put Puncturesafe in my new tyres.

2112, had a ride yet with the new shock? First thoughts?

Today? Looked at her through the window and thought - 'Mmmm up to 17C tomorrow - ride to work?' ...


--- Quote from: "Juvecu" ---2112, had a ride yet with the new shock? First thoughts?
--- End quote ---

Sadly just bounced on it in the garage, with a bit of luck I'll be out at the weekend. This could be a nice answer for a shock replacement as it's between the Hagon and just about everything else price wise.

Topped up scottoiler, cleaned oily goo off rear wheel. Wired up a relay to power Satnav, fitted and wired up satnav mount.
Used a telescopic magnet to fish odd nut from inside fairing/ bodywork.
Spent ages freeing off siezed centre stand.
Spent more time wondering where nut in fairing came from.  Can't find nutless bolt anywhere.
Thinking about MOT tomorrow  Hmmmmm ..  other posts remind me to check tyre pressures.
I haven't got a bike MOT'd since the seventies as I have always traded in within three years so if anyone knows of common fail problems I'd be obliged for some tips.


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