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What have you done with your V-Strom today?

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Fitted some Nissin brake calipers from a CBR600 using SV Racing brackets on Saturday (so no technically today...) Also put some new EBC HH pads in them. Doesn't make as much difference as I expected, but I put most of that down to my terrible brake hoses. Even with the bad brake hoses I have better feel from the brakes now. A good squeeze is worth more than it was before so I have high hopes when I get the hoses replaced too. With that in mind I also measured up the current brake hoses to get better ones made up this week. Somewhere along the lines I measured something wrong because the numbers doesn't look right, I will have to redo it. I'm going use a 2 hose from the master cylinder, one to each caliper, setup.

Thanks for the trade for the calipers Hutchie :thumb:

Do you mind keeping a hold of the measurements etc?  I'll copy you at my next service (or earlier) as my hoses need doing.

Oh... and I have done an oil and filter change.  Put some Castrol Power 1 Racing Fully synth in.  It's red!

filled the scottoiler, tucked the lead for the leccy gloves under the seat as it's warming up

I have been a boy on Saturday:
wash and dry
wipe rust from the sides of the chain
lubricate all hardware affected by the road salt
replace longer "dog bones" with the original ones, lubricate suspension bearings
adjust the chain and align it correctly
drop the drop the front (raise the forks) by 15mm
remove muffs - expecting a heatwave
adjusted suspension preload front and rear

I looked at it and thought, those German flies from September wil hopefully get washed off the next time it rains, also checked the oil level


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