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The Blue Oyster bar / Re: Show us your Man Cave
« Last post by kwackboy on Today at 17:49:47 »
I'm no craftsman, I'm just playing at it....  :grin:

Thanks for the advice though...  :thumb:
The Blue Oyster bar / Re: Show us your Man Cave
« Last post by Joe Rocket on Today at 17:44:57 »
Nice creation kwackboy.  :thumb:  A good solution to a dead space.

I'm a workshop woodworker (not site 'chippie') and would make the observation that a corner woodworking bench is not favourable for long lengths. I have a short bench near the end of my garage because of space to house the bikes, the car etc. I've had to put a vice at either end to play with both ends of a piece of longish wood. I know from my working days that a clear 2m either way is a minimum from a bench mounted saw so.... good luck playing with those mitres!  :icon_wink:
The Blue Oyster bar / Re: Show us your Man Cave
« Last post by kwackboy on Today at 17:41:47 »
@ V-Twin

I have to confess that my flooring is the cheap stuff from B&Q.

We use to have carpet but after a minor flood we had to rip it up. We bought it as a temporary cheap fix while we looked for better rubber flooring.

Its very soft, nice to walk on and it's warm however, it's easily damaged. To be honest, it's been around 5 months or so since I fitted the flooring and it's seems to be holding up very well.

It cost about £70 ....
The Blue Oyster bar / Re: Show us your Man Cave
« Last post by Rusty Nuts on Today at 17:35:28 »
Show off....  :grin: Looks very good.  :thumb:
The Blue Oyster bar / Re: Show us your Man Cave
« Last post by V-Twin on Today at 17:29:47 »
Kwackboy, I see you too have the rubber interlocking matting??
How do you rate it over a painted concrete floor?
Any down sides?
I ask as I'm getting ready to fit battery storage in my garage.
I meant to ask  2112 but forgot.
The Blue Oyster bar / Re: Show us your Man Cave
« Last post by kwackboy on Today at 17:11:50 »
Treated myself to a new mitre saw some time ago however, I didn't have anywhere to use it so I built a new work bench and turned an unused corner of my man cave into a woodworking area.
After some shocking wood prices I used reclaimed wood from a local reclamation yard and saved lots of money, In fact, if I'd have bought new wood the cost was nearly four times as much .. :shock:

Anyway, after two days graft I've finally finished the bench. Just need a nice wood vice and a few more tools  :lala:

For sale:

Sw Motech rear brake master cylinder guard £10
Sw motech rear brake master cylinder cover £15
Sw motech exgaust valve cover £15

R and G rear axle/swingarm sliders £20
R and G front axle sliders £20
R and G steering stem cover £5
R and G Big Foot side stsnd enlarger £20

£100 if someone wishes the lot and I’ll post free to UK in this case

Located Sw Scotland

Can provide better photos if required


The Blue Oyster bar / Re: The Goldie is back
« Last post by Malfos on Today at 13:39:05 »
Thanks for posting this Joe, I didn't know about this bike, until seeing your post, and I am delighted to see BSA ( albeit Mahindra owned) making a come back.
This Gold Star looks fantastic - especially to us older motorcyclists, anyway. Many of the originals were fitted with clip ons and rear sets, and were very fast in their 50's heyday. I prefer the more raised handlebars and upright stance of the bike in the video. I have had a few BSA 500/600 singles, but these were slow steady side valve M20/M21 models. I think this bike could be a good seller, if it is well made, reliable, handles and has decent performance. I certainly like the looks, apart from the big radiator, and very wide exhaust pipe, but I could overlook that, as the rest of the bike looks great.

I hope the new model has an electric start, as there is no way I would risk trying to kick start a " Goldie " these days!. I will have a test ride, when available, and dependent on my impression, and the price , would consider buying one.
Thanks for bring this to our/my attention

Humour / Re: REALLY Bad Jokes
« Last post by Joe Rocket on December 06, 2021, 22:27:01 »
That caused so much grief last year, so hold on to your hats.

Oh, that one again.

Bravo!  :clap:

Can't have funny Brexit jokes though.  :shock:  :icon_no:

Tyres / Re: Bike-Seal Motorcycle tyre sealant
« Last post by Youngman on December 06, 2021, 20:44:54 »
The irritating chap, Canada's answer to Henry Cole reviews the puncture repair solutions.
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