Author Topic: New Bike delivered in a small box  (Read 2750 times)

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New Bike delivered in a small box
« on: February 11, 2016, 21:29:55 »
Clutch basket arrived safe and sound on Monday after just a week away.  Rebuilt the bike on Monday and Tuesday evenings (new clutch plates, repaint the water pump cover, new chain and sprockets).  Lovely weather Wednesday, so did the commute.

I've got a new bike; the transformation is amazing.  Crisp gear changes, no chudder/vibration around 3500 -4500rpm and so much more throttle control.  I can now see how I changed my riding to avoid the chudder vibration band, especially in the transition down to and up from 30mph.  I can now smoothly accelerate up to the national, and use smooth engine braking down into the 30 without my arms shaking out of my shoulders.  Sharp country bends don't need the clutch to be slipped, great control.

Many thanks to John at Vibe-Free