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The Blue Oyster bar / Re: What are you listening to right now?
« Last post by InvictaMoto on October 19, 2021, 23:00:05 »
I hadn't realised they changed the dealer mode plug on the 1050.
This thread also goes through the method of making the plug up.

Reading it, I don't think you'll do anything other than blow a fuse if you get the pins wrong but what do I know?  :shrug:
The Blue Oyster bar / Re: What are you listening to right now?
« Last post by Joe Rocket on October 19, 2021, 21:59:16 »
Carole King and James Taylor.

Clothing / Re: How much do gloves stretch?
« Last post by stevewestern on October 19, 2021, 20:29:34 »
Yup, those ones John.
I did order the size up as suggested by Gerbing and could hardly get them on.
The next pair, a size bigger are also very tight.
I'll try them again in the morning but fear my hands have become monster size. Sausage fingers Steve ?
Traitors Corner / Re: What have you done with your bike today?
« Last post by TLPower on October 19, 2021, 19:24:04 »
Thank you for the commiserations' chaps, luckily I had a responsible adult with me who kindly didn't mock, he just lifted.

This afternoon as a penance I gave it a quick clean.
Yeah, that is one of the threads... Different pins, different regional version, blowing fuses. Would be nice to know exactly how it is done, so I don't fry the brain on the Strom.
I don't know about the 1050, Lars, but have you seen THIS thread on Stromtrooper?
Introductions / Re: New Member
« Last post by Gassoon on October 19, 2021, 17:11:27 »
 :auto-dirtbike: :welcani:
Introductions / Re: Hello there
« Last post by Gassoon on October 19, 2021, 17:09:54 »
 :thumb:  and    :welcome:
That’s a bargain  :thumb:
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