Author Topic: Come on Show us Your Bike :D  (Read 197507 times)

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Re: Come on Show us Your Bike :D
« Reply #1640 on: July 22, 2021, 07:31:13 »
That top picture is the one I use but the older model which is 26ltre, I can fit my Arai helmet in OK but not my Shoei. The middle pictured box would match with your panniers better. They do have a universal fitting plate inside the box which works fine but I bought the nicer looking M5 monolock plate (I don't know why).
While this is a light box which carrys little the Suzuki rack is
cheapo plastic so I'd fit some kind of metal support like the givi, Shad also make one which might be cheaper but you might have to drill holes to fit the universal plate.