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Go Outdoors
« on: September 21, 2014, 00:45:06 »
Bless them, I saw on their website that my local shop had just stock unit remaining of a tent I was eyeing up, now at end-of-line discount prices. I popped in on my lunch break to have a look, unfortunately it was on the shelf & not assembled, but the sales rep kindly offered to pop it up during the afternoon for me to look at after work.

When I got back there later I couldn't see the lad who I spoke to earlier so asked another fella to pack it up and process my purchase. Then I asked for and received a further ex-demo discount :)

Just thought I'd take the appearance of a new topic area as an excuse to tell that story, The tent is a North Ridge Sphinx, one of their own brands so it sits in the slightly-above-cheap-and-cheerful range, a bargain for the £70 I paid. "Two Man" means one + gear, the porch stays dry and will happily hold a top box, jacket & boots. Bonus feature the door zips down from the top as well as the bottom so you can get out of the thing without throwing water everywhere if it rains.

Oblig pic from the very first time I went camping with my v-strom in Pembrokeshire,  I have since spent about 25 nights in the tent in Wales & Scotland & it's been faultless so far in all conditions, including a few freezing nights.

I've also since learnt how to put it up properly ;)