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V-Strom specific discussion / Clattering wing mirror
« Last post by Rixington43 on Today at 11:34:03 »
Morning All

Weird one with the Vee. I have an awful clattering coming from my right hand wing mirror which has only developed recently.
I can't see anything wrong from the outside and the glass isn't loose in the casing but I get a horrendous clunking rattle going over rough ground or if I tap the rear of the mirror casing hard with my hand. Bolts at the bottom of the mirror arm are tight and the arm doesn't rotate, the mirror is also still reasonably tight on the ball joint.
Anything that can be opened or checked or is it just replace the mirror?

Not that I remember
V-Strom specific discussion / Re: E10 or E5
« Last post by Mr Nick on Today at 10:30:33 »
Joe - the International Energy Agency's Advanced Motor Fuels collaboration project says:

'The energy content of ethanol is lower than that of gasoline. The heating value of ethanol is around 27 MJ/kg, in volumetric terms around 21 MJ/l, which is only 65% of the volumetric energy content of gasoline. This leads to higher volumetric fuel consumption with ethanol compared to gasoline. Theoretically, increase in volumetric fuel consumption is about 3.5% when a 10% ethanol blend is compared with non-oxygenated gasoline. If the advantage of alcohols’ high octane numbers is exploited by increasing the compression ratio of the engine, energy efficiency as kilometers per energy unit of fuel (km/MJ) can be higher for alcohols than for gasoline.

Density of ethanol is 0.79 kg/l, which is slightly higher than that of gasoline. Higher density improves volumetric fuel economy to some extent.'
V-Strom specific discussion / Re: E10 or E5
« Last post by Rixington43 on Today at 10:25:46 »
Nowt wrong with being cautious and people will make their own call on the risk vs the cost, that being said E10 is not really new, rather just new to the UK forecourt.
For my part I have used E10 in my 21 year old car on the continent for many years now with no detrimental effects as yet. I tend to go with the policy of using E10 on long trips where I know the whole tank will be used within days/weeks. If I know the car or bike won't be used for a while then I run that tank to fumes and put super in for the storage period.
The only difference I have noticed is marginally less popping and banging off throttle with E10 vs 99RON. Fuel economy is rock steady and performance seems identical.
V-Strom specific discussion / Re: E10 or E5
« Last post by dav on Today at 09:49:32 »
I am not being over cautious at all, sensible I would say, back in the late 80's
and 90's Shell brought out a so called super fuel, their first V power type of fuel
which, was marketed strongly and it made people think it was the best thing since
sliced bread, so the public bought it, but down the line it  started damaging
engines, did people get compensated, No, but [Enough complained],
neither will the Government compensate you down the line, if this E10 starts
doing damage, the fuel's effects are Not immediate but long term, the fuel goes
off very quickly, "in any vehicle" in a few weeks in fact, not months and it is also hygroscopic
I will stick with super Thanks
Thanks, yes I'll check out the connector cleaning.  Did yours have the fuel gauge problem too?
Exhausts / Re: Did not see me or hear me!
« Last post by Lemonwizard on Today at 08:09:57 »
Damn, who would've thought that people who are not engine/exhaust sound enthusiasts don't actually find it thrilling to be bombarded with noise several times a day? My, my!
Pictures / Re: Scotland Trip
« Last post by Andy_J on Today at 08:05:48 »
It great tour was had. Really enjoyed it. The weather makes all the difference.

V-Strom specific discussion / Re: E10 or E5
« Last post by kwackboy on Today at 06:35:59 »
Think your being a bit over cautious.

I've three vehicles that run fine on E10, one of them being an old 2001 CB500.

The only noticeable difference is a minor drop in power but the MPG, for me has increased.

After doing some research, if you have an older type vehicle and leave it standing for months at a time, it's then the problems start however, if it's in daily use , your fine.
This is a common problem with the Vee .

Behind the radiator, on the right, attached to the plastic fan cover are two block connectors, one of them yellow in colour and the other maybe black, I think.

They will be corroded. 

Pull them apart, give all the electrical pins a clean and a little twist (this is what I did) and that should solve your problem.

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