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Re: Confession to make
« Reply #120 on: October 31, 2020, 12:28:30 »
The V50 is on pods, mainly because that's how I got it, but the Dellortos are good old manual lift slide so just needed re-jetted. The original filter is up under the tank and looks a pain to get to, so I wasn't inclined to revert.
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Re: Confession to make
« Reply #121 on: November 20, 2020, 08:49:45 »
This was the last 'niggle' to sort. Again I've copied it from another site I use.

Good test ride on the bike today, some necessary chores at La Gacilly. Must say it's very smooth and waits to pass 4K and then it really pulls hard. It runs 120kph at 5K. It still doesn't like the tick over/shut off balance, even getting up to running temperature. I set the carbs up carefully including another balance. It will shut off OK at 900 revs but that's a bit laboured, it should be 1100. Anyway that's a big improvement on the nervous pod filters.

I still experienced the clutch drag again but I think I've found out why. Since rebuild I've changed clutch springs, checked the plates for thickness and warp, there were no catch marks in the clutch basket and I'd tried extending the clutch push rod travel with a coulpe of extra washers in the slave cylinder. No change. By chance I saw a topic in the V-Strom Club boards discussing altering the bite point and travel on the 1000's hydraulic clutch. Worth a nose as it was a small mod to the clutch lever/push rod action.

I first measured the play at the ball end of the lever. Roughly 3.5 cms. Bit excessive. so I took the pivot bolt out and removed the lever. There is a bush, a bit like a large cable nipple, with a hole in it to take the end of the master cylinder push rod. A small shard of metal dropped out and the hole seemed elongated to one side, more like an elipse. I cleaned it up and reversed the bush and reinstalled the lever. Play at the end of the clutch lever.....2 cms! I repeated the bush change several times to be certain and sure enough it has suffered from excessive wear. The result is there is no clutch drag and neutral is easily accesible at a standstill from first and second gear. Also the cluch begins to bite 2 cms from the handle bar grip. Road tested on our bottom lane and all seems fine but I do need to order a new replacement bush. I will grease the bush and pivot well and also put a new rubber boot on the push rod, which is missing.
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