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[0017] Home Made DRL's
« on: January 29, 2016, 20:53:52 »
Summary: Home made DRL’s.

The original post was made by Joderest and can be found here.

Hello All.

Just a bit of DIY. I have always used day running lights, when I had my BMW I fitted some quite expensive bought ones, and was disappointed when they only lasted a winter, hence, made some cheap ones of my own, they seem to last quite well, and I always knock up a spare set, just in case.

First what you will need is, 1/2" alloy pipe, you could use 20mm copper pipe, pipe brackets and the lights, I buy these off eBay for about £3.00.

See eBay item number 191579175614.

Cut two bits of pipe about 3/8's inch longer than the light, drill small hole in the end, and pass wire through, glue the light to the pipe (super glue).

Then I use body filler to fill the void inside, hence light will never come out and is water proof. Rub down and quick coat of paint.

The last thing I do is smear a tiny bit of black silicon sealant round the lens, just to make sure water cannot get in.

I have fitted under front cowling using the pipe clips, just two small self-tappers, and then wired to side light circuit.

Last picture is some I have already fitted, picture taken in bright sunlight, but can still be seen.

As I said, cheap to make, so I always have some made up as spares in case one blows (not happened yet).

Thought someone might find this of some use.
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