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Accessories and After Market items / 2013 650 Vstrom accessories..
« Last post by Blu on Today at 00:47:28 »
Hello blokes.. I just got my first VStrom 2013 650.. still waiting to ride it while I get my full licence..

I am looking for a skid plate, bars, and a bigger foot brake paddle or decent extension?


V-Strom specific discussion / 1050 rear brake pads.
« Last post by Bazzie on May 09, 2021, 22:25:39 »
Hello! Does anyone have any experience of alternative rear brake friction material for the 1050? Front brake performance is fine, but, in my opinion,the rear is poor.
Accessories and After Market items / 1050 Top Box
« Last post by Dazzarati on May 09, 2021, 20:49:18 »
I thought I would ask you wise peoples if you could help me as I am a little unsure and don't take a lot these days and I'm doing well if I can remeber what I went up stairs for..... :smirk:
I have recently purchased a a 2020 1050xt and wanted to fit a top box only. I do not have any panniers and no panier frames as I intend to use  soft panniers on the rare occasions I might do some longer road trips or touring.
I like the look of the Hepco and Becker ali box but am not sure if I can fix it with out having additional support bars. If so what do they attach to?
I have also had conflicting advice saying that the top boxes can carry different weights and metal cases can only carry an additional 3kg. Surely that can't be right?
A couple of hundred miles in the Cairngorms area, only had to dodge rain showers today 😊
V-Strom specific discussion / Re: Healtech OBD Pinout
« Last post by Mmacderr on May 09, 2021, 18:53:01 »
Many thanks for help blokes. It turns out that only 3 of the 4 pins are required for the diagnostics unit to work on my bike. I can only assume that the 4th wire is utilised on another Suzuki model.           
On closer inspection I discovered that one of the pins wasn't mating properly in the connector so following some gentle adjustment and a spray of WD40 it's working perfectly. I synched the throttle bodies and she's running much sweeter now. Well pleased.
Exhausts / Re: Fuel exhaust 1050xt
« Last post by Monkeyman on May 09, 2021, 17:56:41 »
Boughton? The Mrs and I often go cycling around there.
No, Dersingham, but Boughton that is where I took the photo.
Exhausts / Re: Fuel exhaust 1050xt
« Last post by Monkeyman on May 09, 2021, 17:54:16 »
Do you need to do anything with the fuelling?  One of the big plus points of the 1050 for me was how smoothly it pulls from lower down.
That was a bit of a worry for me, but I was reassured that all would be well by Fuel, and they were right - no fuelling issues whatsoever. They told me problems only occur if airbox or other fuel system mods have been made from standard.
Has nobody done anything with their Strom for a whole week? Even I have and I'm not that prolific.

Just another trip out to Malmesbury, Tetbury, Cirencester, Fairford and home again.

V-Strom specific discussion / Re: BMW R1150GS to a DL650- any experiences?
« Last post by Sage on May 09, 2021, 17:17:26 »
I bought a 06 650 a couple of years ago as a winter hack to "save" using my XT1200 on salty roads. However the little Wee has been much better than expected especially now I've uprated the suspension. Once set up it is a great agile fun bike.
The stock forks are old fashioned damper rod jobs, so I've fitted a pair of cartridges left over from a previous bike and the rear has a Nitron shock.
There are a few options for the forks, many are happy with different oil/springs etc but I suspect after the telelever front end you are used to that will not be sufficient. The first option would be fork emulators that mimic a cartridge
or then a cartridge replacement. There are threads on here and Stromtrouper.
Surprising number of responses. I went from an 1150 gsa to a 12 strom 650 because of the weight. I struggled at 64 to put it on the stand! So apart from not missing the weight I don't miss the power. The handling, power and brakes of the strom are great. However, I think the suspension is inferior, especially where I live surrounded by potholed country roads. I also find it a little boring. I am on the cusp of changing to a tiger 800.

I love the odd suspension on the GS- on the shocking roads of Powys and Shropshire- has saved my bacon on a few occasions on tramlined pot-holded corners - shugs it off! Surely there must be some upgrades for a Strom's forks and shock?
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