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Components Parts of the PDoiler ‘Mini’
Installation to a 2013 V-Strom DL650  The PDOiler ‘Mini’ is extremely straight forward to fit, the Reservoir, the Pump and the Wick are all separate  parts which allows for a neat installation on all types of bike.  This installation was on a 2013 Suzuki V-Strom DL650.  Once you understand that the oil is distributed (wiped) to the chain by the chains natural movement against  the Wick of the PDOiler whilst the bike is moving then  the installation method becomes clear.   The Wick should be approx 25mm above the chain when the bike is on its stand. The Reservoir needs to be mostly upright and although the instructions show  the Pump at a minimum of 15 degrees the designer tells me that in fact it will work at any angle.  All in all the installation took about forty minutes and most of that time was making it pretty, the system goes together really easily, there is one 12v connection to  make (ignition side) which I took from the rear light circuit on the V-Strom. The designer says that the Wick should look frayed after normal use. The Pump is available in lots of  colours, mine is mounted under  the seat attached to the frame. This is the controller, it lets you have full control over how much  oil you use, settings are from number 9 that’s about every 20 second a pump round to number 1 that’s about every 2 minutes  and anywhere in between  This is the reservoir it will hold 100ml of oil and will last 60 hours  on maximum flow, turn the control  system down and it will last a lot longer. Phone: + 44 (0)1980 624877 Fax      + 44 (0)1980 624877 Email: Back to Product Reviews Back to Product Reviews


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