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Review by Bosnjo 20th December 2013 Cosmo's Fork Brace for DL650 L2 2012+ (Glee)
1. First Impressions/Unboxing Impressions: Delivered in one big soft envelope. Just simple mail, not "signed for", to keep the postage price low (though this includes some risk of losing it somewhere on the way). But I was happy, took a week to arrive to Portugal. Taking it out of the envelope, the Fork Brace was well wrapped in lot of plastic sheets, so no damage on surface finish or paint. No instructions inside the envelope. I really didn't need them as I've taken a lot of time reading all over the internet about how it's installed and how it performs. 2. Initial Setup/Installation: Just unbolted 4 bolts, put the front part on, then back part behind it and then bolts in by hand. One of the bolts is on exact spot where brake hose is passing but that was not a problem, just held the hose away while putting the bolt in. Next step was to tighten the bolts. I was tightening them a little at the time, one by one. When I started to feel resistance in all of them, I stopped and tighten the inner 2 bolts fully first, because the area of the brace that goes in space between fork legs is supposed to be touching one half of the brace to the other. Then I went and tighten 2 outer bolts as in this area the halfs are barely touching each other after tightening. All in all, there was no resistance in putting the brace on, no need to loosen pinch bolt on front axle. The time to complete the job with all care - 10 minutes. 3. Real World Testing (how did it perform): Took the bike out of my garage to go to work first morning and as I was still half-sleeping, forgot completely that I had the Fork Brace installed the night before. In the very first corner I noticed that the bike behaved completely different, it was stiffer and I was thinking, what the hell is going on... suspension was more rigid at the front... ... Traffic light, red, waiting, then green and took off to a very tight corner that I pass for over 15 years few times a day. I immediately noticed I was doing that corner much quicker then usual and the bike felt planted, so secure, giving me huge confidence... Then I remembered, yes, I've installed the Fork Brace last night. Then I started to push the bike a little harder and God, it felt so good. There is complete transformation in the way the bike is cornering... Then, entering the city where I work, the wind picked up. I was still thinking about the Fork Brace and, as I heard it makes a difference in cross winds, I thought it's a great opportunity to see. On the previous day, there was some wind in the very same spot, not that much, but I felt it pushing me around. The day with the Fork Brace on, the wind was much stronger and what I felt was that my body was being hit and pushed all over but the bike kept moving in the straight line as there was no wind at all. In the evening on my way home I started to think that suspension is too rigid. But it's probably not, I got used to saggy front suspension behaviour without the Fork Brace. Now I have to get used to this new setup. 4. Specs & Other noteworthy facts: Supplied by The brace looks great, I haven't found any flaws in it's structural or visual aspect. The only note is the postage mode used. I'd suggest to anyone who wants to buy it to talk to Cosmo first and ask for the "Signed For" mail and pay a few more quid. 5. Tester's Opinion (summary): It performs just as announced and transforms the bike's behaviour completely. I was expecting cornering and cross wind improvement but couldn't even dream the improvement was this big. 6. Star Rating: I give this product 4 Stars. 1 star = piece of crap 2 star = maybe I should have done more research before buying this? 3 star = decent bit of kit for the money 4 star = better than expected with some nice extras/features 5 star = does it have a sister I can marry?! (aka I will buy this again!) 7. Pictures (click for larger image)


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