The V-Strom is a very comfortable, upright bike, but for me the bend in my knee was a little much over distance. I fitted the Cymarc Foot Peg and Control Lowering Kit what a stunning difference. 1. First Impressions/Unboxing Impressions Quality engineering and a quality finish (available in black or silver) and the kit came will all the required parts including a replacement split pin for the back brake lever (nice touch). 2. Initial Setup/Installation The installation is extremely straightforward, however, I did have the sense to take a photograph before I started (this was intended for this review), lucky really because once fitted I instantly realised that I had put the gear linkage back on 180 degrees out which meant downward selection on the gears had the opposite effect (2, 3, 4 etc.) The back brake rod needs extending and this is taken care of by a simple coupler (supplied in the kit). All in all, 15 minutes either side. 3. Real World Testing (how did it perform) The difference this small modification made (for me) was a transformation, I can't recommend it enough. 4. Specs & Other noteworthy facts Supplied by Cymarc Engineering who are based in the UK 5. Tester's Opinion (summary) Superb, buy one!! 6. Star Rating I give this 5 Stars.... . 1 star = piece of crap 2 star = maybe I should have done more research before buying this? 3 star = decent bit of kit for the money 4 star = better than expected with some nice extras/features 5 star = does it have a sister I can marry?! (aka I will buy this again!) 7. Pictures
Review by Fat Rat 23rd June 2013
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