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Glee screen change
« on: August 07, 2016, 16:51:33 »
When I ordered my bike I had various extras fitted, sump guard, center stand , hand guards, luggage and a Suzuki vario screen. The bike is great but I was never completely happy with the wind protection from the screen, it never seemed quite high enough even on the highest setting and with the small screen all the way up. I'm 5' 11" tall but have a long upper body so even on the standard height seat I always got a lot of helmet vibration at higher speeds.
So, my old cruiser was fitted with a givi screen which never worked and had an adverse effect on the handling as it was fixed to the forks and bars, when I sold it to get the glee I kept the screen, well I found it in the garage after the bike was sold. I decided to cut it down and fit it to the existing vario screen brackets. Looked at some vids on you tube and as recommended by people on there put tape and paper on the screen, marked where I wanted to cut, put tape on the metal base of the jig saw and of I went. :shock: After a quick sand down on the cut edge with a piece of also smooth sandpaper it looked pretty good. Drilled the holes using the original small screen as a template and fitted using the old brackets. The only thing left was a test ride. Have just returned and the difference is amazing, even riding today with a very strong head wind the helmet vibration has gone, even at above motorway speeds (on my friends private road, honest :grin:)