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Site Feedback / Re: problems today
« Last post by Brockett on Today at 13:16:39 »
No but lol
Introductions / Re: I'm almost there!
« Last post by Rusty Nuts on Today at 13:07:42 »
The Reverend Spooner would be so proud of you.
Humour / Re: Four Word Story
« Last post by Barbel Mick on Today at 12:28:32 »
heading towards Middle-earth
Introductions / I'm almost there!
« Last post by Futbux on Today at 12:16:10 »
Hello everyone. Thanks for allowing me in. I am picking up my brand new V-Strom 1000 GT in 3 days time and can't wait to get her home via the roads of Snowdonia. I live on the Isle of Anglesey off the North Wales coast. A beautiful place to live, with Snowdonia just across the bridges of the Menai Straits, and all the wonderful rides the National Park holds. Anglesey is also home to a fantastic race track that is busy throughout the calendar. My other bike is a Triumph Speed Triple t509 which I shall continue to use for commuting and track days, but my V-Strom will be for touring. I'm deliberately avoiding the weather forecast fro Friday as I don't want to know if it'll be wet, but I ride in all weathers other than ice and snow. I'm also a volunteer Blood Bike rider. That'll do for an intro, I hope. :icon_wink:
V-Strom specific discussion / Re: Keeping the chain oiled
« Last post by Brockett on Today at 12:06:15 »
The answer is a fully enclosed chain as was used on my 350 Jawa. Very lightweight with rubber bellows for top and bottom runs. The non O-ring chain was packed with graphite grease and outlasted the bike which was scrapped with over 50K miles on the clock over half with a sidecar attached.
Will post some when I pick her up :)
Site Feedback / Re: problems today
« Last post by tallpaul on Today at 11:58:52 »
Met my ex-wife then, Brockett...?!
Congrats on the new bike.  :lala:

Post pics...!
Site Feedback / Re: problems today
« Last post by Brockett on Today at 11:38:07 »
Reminds me of the saying "nobody  notices all the things I've done right, but everyone knows when I do something wrong".
V-Strom specific discussion / Re: Keeping the chain oiled
« Last post by Rich:-) on Today at 11:03:10 »
lol - yes, I'm the same.
I have the oiler but as it's a manual one I decide when & how much. This was mainly done for when touring but comes in handy for general pleasure riding too.
I also manually clean the chain and then oil with a brush (with gear oil) or I spray on Putoline DX11.
The Putoline does make the chain quieter and it seems to last longer than gear oil but can mess up your chain guards.

Some people think sealed chains don't need lubricant but they do, or at least they will last longer with it.
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