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Introductions / Re: new member from shropshire
« Last post by CharlitTee on Today at 13:20:58 »
For Sale (Bike related) / Re: Glee Stainless Chain Guard
« Last post by Drew 3 on Today at 13:14:06 »
Brushed stainless finish.
For Sale (Bike related) / Glee Stainless Chain Guard
« Last post by Drew 3 on Today at 13:13:26 »
As above stainless steel chain guard for Glee. Great condition, only marks are where the mounting bolts go through and this is covered by washer when fitted. 20 posted. Pay pal OK or bank transfer, Drew 07768 823132.
V-Strom specific discussion / Re: v-banana 2018 First Ride out
« Last post by infidel on Today at 13:05:20 »
She's now 750 miles new  :obscene-drinkingchug: and just back after another long ride this am.

Few more notes, after more miles.

YES the yellow seat marks easily - (thinks - no shit sherlock).

Clutch  - love the slipper, SOOOOOO much better than the Back torque limiter on my SV1000.  I do hear a little clutch out noise, nothing to worry about - but was kind of hoping more silent action given the history. I have a spare 2.5K SV1000 Engine with a newish basket. Might ship that off to sharealike later this year as he did my sv one 60,000 miles ago and its still perfect.

RG Engine guards - going to need em. I like the black frame heel protectors - which are already showing marks (great - that's what they are for), but I'm having to try hard not to mark clutch/mag cases with my size 12 plates'o'meat. Saw another v-banana in in staines recently. His were all scratched to hell and the bike was nearly new.

Tyres - these battlewings seem fine in dry, but rode a wet road yesterday nr loomies and can't say I enjoyed their wet feel.

Did a few well forgotten b-roads yesterday, and the TC's first real outing. One road had loose stones in a slightly raised central form,(from years of 4x4's and no maintenance).  I cooked the corner a touch, line was wrong and onto the loose stuff in the middle. Sphincter well clenched but she pulled down in big flash of ABS and two flickers of TC on the way off the loose powering out. Had I been riding the sv1000s, I'd be in the ditch sure as eggs is eggs.

Self analysis suggests over-confidence + over-comfort were likely causes. This thing is so magic carpet hustling at speed you have to stay even more alert.

Full tank predicted range was showing 220, emptied on a+b roads I'd done 186. prediction improves as tank emptied.  No bother to be honest. Cruising at 70, min throttle on the flat, I'm showing 50-55mpg (predicted). up to 80mpg throttle off.

Throttle - used to sv with a trigger throttle, so for me not a problem. But it can surge early, and is not perhaps as smooth and tractable as I'd like on crap surfaces like gravel carparks and loose stones. I had one bump surge which could have ended off were I not already aware of it and clutched in. I have an old SV1000 TRE which is looking at me right now saying - he he he.

I'm having a few height/ergonomic issues. I love the feet to knee and hand position when riding, by I'm only 1/2 foot down without shifting cheek. Not confidence inspiring. Also the shape of seat not ideal (yet) will give it a while yet - but a lower or aftermarket is option, don't want to lower bike. And I'm 5'11 btw. Stock is a bit too firm as well, its OK for me for now on relatively short 2/4 hr runs. If you are a biker with preparation 'h' (TM) in your shopping basket - I'd suggest stock seat is not for you. 

Oh and the good news, is the banana color is growing on me (slightly).  But silver beak and rear grab will have to be black.

Anyone need a 2018 beak swap? Hate your black beak, keeping you up at night? Wish it was silver? talk to me. 

V-Strom specific discussion / Re: Any one tried this fatbar conversion
« Last post by Loz on Today at 12:44:29 »
used similar on dirt bikes.
Introductions / Re: new member from shropshire
« Last post by Lincsman on Today at 12:22:44 »
Greetings from Lincolnshire.
Introductions / Re: new member from shropshire
« Last post by pieman53 on Today at 12:22:25 »
Hello and  :welcome2: from next door in Staffordshire.
For Sale (Bike related) / Glee parts and accessories for sale
« Last post by user650 on Today at 11:37:39 »
Items for sale


May take sensible offers (of money)

Standard Glee seat off low mileage bike One rubber missing) 60

Palmer screen brackets Fit Glee screens (with easy adjusters, NO mounting bolts 30

Cosmo Hardly used Vstrom 650 XT fork brace 35

Glee Top box mounting plate, ONLY the lower metal fitting plate, you need your own monolock/monokey plate 20

Glee Pugi Tall touring screen (used but good) 20
That's because you're looking for the DL1000 parts not the KLV1000, it seems Kawasaki didn't update the forks when Suzuki changed its design.

Unless started otherwise they should be made to the standard spring length for use with standard equipment, but like I said in my earlier post give them a call and ask all the questions you want they have great customer service.
I've checked hagon website and it says the springs they offer have 170mm air gap, what abaout orginal spacer size, will it fit?? Are the lenght of hagon springs is the same as stock ones?
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