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V-Strom specific discussion / MRA touring screen
« Last post by Paul8 on Today at 15:49:27 »
Hi all once again some advice please. Will a 2011 650 Vstrom MRA touring screen fit a 2008 DL1000  Vstrom?
Thanks in anticipation of your reply.
2014> V-Strom DL1000 Discussion / Re: Miss firing Veek.
« Last post by porter on Today at 14:08:24 »
Well no joy with the miss fire,  just out a run to check if I've done the service OK and the miss is stilk there! After 10 mile it went away just like before. Must be a sensor fault somewhere but no F1 light on as yet. 
Just as an experiment I removed the Suzuki crash bars cross bar,only two bolts,  boy what a difference,  so nuch smoother.  It's staying off
The Blue Oyster bar / Re: Ever so slight steering play?
« Last post by Brockett on Today at 12:59:02 »
V-Strom specific discussion / Re: Piggin' sidelights !!!
« Last post by 2112 on Today at 11:24:45 »
I should also have added that during the removal process I managed to stab myself in the finger with a terminal screwdriver...
V-Strom specific discussion / Re: New DL650
« Last post by jbaptista on Today at 11:12:41 »
Thanks for the reply.
Had checked that tank saddle already, but I wasn't sure, but thanks to your advice I will consider to purchase it.
I will also remove magnetic option, it was what I feared, thanks for the tip ;)
Accessories and After Market items / Re: Sat Nav mounting
« Last post by mrp192 on Today at 10:08:43 »
I have a Zumo 340, one of the discounted ones Aldi were selling last year, and just use the mount that came in the box in the middle of the handlebars.
This puts the unit just below my field of vision which I prefer for an occasional check. I realise some may say this takes your eyes off the road but I think this is preferable to riding to the road on the satnav rather than what I can see ahead with my eyes.
This was brought home to me when working with a highly trained driver on a cross country route and their driving was crap. As an experiment I covered the satnav in the car and immediately their driving improved to what I would have expected from them.
Horses for courses but this is my experience and hope it helps the discussion here?
The Blue Oyster bar / Re: Aldi Dry Bags
« Last post by grumps on Today at 09:44:36 »
Bought a 25 ltr in yellow. Now, where to go?
For Sale (Bike related) / FS BMW F800s
« Last post by argento on Today at 09:31:01 »
Advertising here as I would consider a PX
Superb bike, Torquey engine, we'll cared for, fsh, mot until Aug I think but can renew. This is the S model which is supposed to be the better riding position over the ST, but it does have a full faring, which I think looks better than the ST versions. Nice extras include steering damper, lower fairing, Showa shock, custom rear carrier, led indicators, braided hoses. 2nd owner lots of paperwork and documented history. Expandable but not too oversized luggage, plus waterproof covers if needed. 2011 plate 10,000 or so dry miles, Returns 60mpg and a real pleasure to ride. 3900 Portsmouth
2014> V-Strom DL1000 Discussion / Re: Suzuki mellow v track 1000
« Last post by Hugo Magnus on Today at 09:09:13 »
Looks great!
For Sale (Bike related) / Re: Desert 1000 for sale
« Last post by Ratt on Today at 09:03:06 »
Been offered 6150 by local dealer, Strom has done 2500 miles Desert all the bits Garmin battery flat but sent me on a few weird excursions so use I Phone. Need to be quick ie very otherwise as on web 7290 at dealer up North Regards Ratt Glos 07788510474
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