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That'll teach me to post when I should be going to  :dl_ninite:
V-Strom specific discussion / Re: Screenless?
« Last post by Rich:-) on Today at 09:58:39 »
Try it, it's just 6 screws isn't it?

I think that although it will certainly cure the buffeting it might make a lot of wind noise.

To get a good naked bike is a black art. I had a '99 Hornet 600 with a small screen above the clocks, was noisy as hell at around 70. I took off the screen and it made it much better.

I've read a thread where an owner had literally cut down the original screen and said it worked well. -mod.html -cut-down.html

V-Strom specific discussion / Re: Cheap brake disks.
« Last post by jbaptista on Today at 09:47:35 »
All of my bikes I always put the best I can buy, even if I have to save money for a couple moths. For me it doesn't make any sense to buy a "expensive" bike, and later put low quality material. I never buy material on suzuky, they are ridiculous expensive, and the quality is no better than a aftermarket, and most of the time the aftermarket is much better than suzuky quality.

For example, the breaks on the new DL650 in my opinion are very poor, it's not the quality you are waiting from a manufacture. When the time comes to replace the brakes, I'm going for an EBC Sintered brakes, they are expensive but it should be more cheaper than buying on suzuky, and they are by far much better.

This what I usually say to new or old bikers, buy quality, expensive doesn't make the best, just make sure you get the best quality you can buy. If you save on quality because you want to save money, remember you can be ridding at 100 p/h and something fails, and you hit hard on the ground and injure severely or death.
Keep riding but keep safe ;)
I never received the mudguard bolts either. They answered the first email but none after that.  I got what I needed from pro bolt but the mudguard bolts are aluminium and have a separate collar, not ideal but finishes the kit that couldn't be arsed to put right. Don't Buy!
A talking V-Strom  :shock:
The Blue Oyster bar / Re: Touratech Bankrupt
« Last post by Loz on Today at 09:06:53 »
Touratech has a "complete outsourcing" business model meaning they get all of their products manufactured by third parties, usually well-known German firms (Stadler for clothing, Hepco & Becker for crash bars, Kahedo for seats and so on), so this bankruptcy could possibly be tied to piles of unpaid bills.
And people have  wised up, why would you buy rebadged clothing when you can get the original stuff cheaper and with longer guarantees  :crazy:
They certainly benefited from the  Borman and Mcgregor videos and its not uncommon to see BMW GS's and Yamaha Super Tenerč's loaded with the whole catalog like they were about to start for some rally in Central Asia  lol however other companies have started marketing cheaper accessories so are taking back some of the market share, they also had a disastrous foray into the sport bike accessories market and have probably thrown too much money at sponsorship for little return.
Pictures / Re: Come on Show us Your Bike :D
« Last post by Dando on Today at 07:43:25 »
Hiya Group, here are a few pics of my pride... pic 1&2 taken in Exmoor a few weeks back, pic 3 was at this years MACH2 meet, pic 4 was a day out to the new forest and last pic was our two up trip to the Netherlands. Great to see all your pics. Keep Stromming! 👍🏼
V-Strom specific discussion / Re: Cat D Vee on fleabay
« Last post by Moo on Today at 07:10:41 »
£2150  :shock:
For Sale (Bike related) / Re: Original Suzuki top box for DL650 K6
« Last post by TLPower on Today at 05:46:35 »
That works for me Graham. :thumb:
V-Strom specific discussion / Re: Screenless?
« Last post by Hugh Mungus on Today at 05:42:41 »
I rode my Vee about all day without most of my screen when a kamikaze pigeon got me.
I can't say it was enjoyable. It was OK at lower speeds.
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