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Traitors Corner / Re: New kid in town , soon.
« Last post by vstroppy on Today at 00:10:43 »
good choice Brocket I had a Gladius before I bought the V-strom I liked the Gladius but it had a few failings imho. Firstly the seat was dreadfull no padding and it was angled far to much towards the tank had to buy the high seat option to make the bike useable. Second the tank was to small and it didn't have a fuel gauge always wondering how much fuel you had left. Thirdly the rear shock was abysmal had to replace it with a GSXR600 rear shock to make the bike useable, still got the shock if anyone needs one. Fourth the handling was very twitchy great for trackdays but less so for the road. I rode the new SV650 at Suzuki test days last year and found all my gripes about the Gladius had been fixed, loved the bike it was a hoot, the seat still has bugger all padding but did not slide you into the tank all the time so no more crushed nuts. I think you have definitely made the right choice they are more lively than a V-strom less weight and more horsepower, hope you enjoy it.
V-Strom specific discussion / Re: Changing the Fork Seal
« Last post by Botond on Today at 00:02:03 »
Nice, Thank you I will try.

Can I tag along for that seal/oil change?  Haha :grin:
I would love to learn how to do it at some point . :obscene-drinkingchug:
Btw how often do you have to change seals and oil in the forks?
V-Strom specific discussion / Re: What have you done with your V-Strom today?
« Last post by harmony on June 21, 2018, 23:07:19 »
Oil and filter change on Sunday last week, plus fitted a nearly new ebay Fuel Pipe and removed the pannier brackets and rear pegs and hangers.

Oh and bunged on a Givi aitflow too. 

She sounds like a real twin now.  She's turning into a proper tool for my 450 mile a week commute
Traitors Corner / Re: New kid in town , soon.
« Last post by Brockett on June 21, 2018, 23:03:15 »
 :thumb: for the screen. just enough to keep off the worst without causing buffeting.
Any views on the hand guards?
Clothing / Re: Advice on Boots
« Last post by Rusty Nuts on June 21, 2018, 23:01:50 »
What Brockett said. It may cost an arm and a leg but might save the other one in the event of an unscheduled dismount.
Clothing / Re: Advice on Boots
« Last post by harmony on June 21, 2018, 22:56:18 »
I've used nothing but German Army Para boots for the past 30 years.  Always comfortable and have never let in a drop of water.  Never pay more than 50 quid for a used pair.

They won't offer the same level of protection as other for more expensive boots but there you go.   
For Sale (Bike related) / Yamaha TT250-R 2004 (TTR250) For Sale
« Last post by mr_diver on June 21, 2018, 22:54:22 »

This sale is due to lack of use (also read too many bikes in a small garage)

So far this year I've taken it to work to give it a run and then to the Taffy Dakar (20 miles from home) where I marshalled the Trials section (did three laps for fun and stood around all day not using the bike) So it's just not getting any use.

I'd be sad to see it go as it's the bike I have the most fun on but I'm not getting the time to use it.
Last year it was used to marshal the Taffy Dakar and do a fair amount of trail riding. But the next few years seem to be looking to go away from trail riding and doing more touring.

Currently on 10,700 miles but this may go up if the mood makes me.
New rear Mitas C-02 (circa 50miles on road, 500 yrds offroad)
Used Michelin AC-10 front - still has some usable life for trail riding.
Serviced in January hasn't done more than 200 miles since.
All wheel/swingarm/linkage bearings checked and greased recently.
Geared down 14/50 (14/44 stock) Will cruise at 50-55mph but still drag my fat arse around the trails at a decent pace.
Good Sprag clutch - not issues there.
Dominator exhast - lighter and louder, restricted section cut from header.
CRD sump guard and frame protectors
Renthal Bars with crosspad and Alu bar hand guards (unknown make)
Road legal and smaller flexi plate
Totally TTR number plate bracket
Smaller rear indicators
Adjustable 'unbreakable' brake and clutch levers
Main beam cut out switch for on the trails
Oxford Commuter heated grips
Original grab handles - many of these go missing and are very much needed to pull the bike around on the trails
Recent strip and clean of both calipers
Plenty of life left in the EBC Carbon 2TT Enduro Pads
Tutoro manual chain oiler.
These bike are fairly tall but can be lowered. This one came to me lowered but I returned to standard and sold the lowering link.

Bad points:
There are a few small rips in the seat (there before I bought it)- covers are around 35 on ebay for a DIY fit.
Starter solenoid is playing up. Have a replacement but haven't had time to fit it. - there Is always the kick start.
Various scrapes associated with trail riding but still respectable for a 14 year old dual sport bike that's been used as intended.
Rear crud flap (protects the shock) is a bit chewed up from recent very chunky tyre. But still keeps the crud off the shock with rider on board - replacements around 25 online.
Chain looks like crap, but is still in fair condition. Currently has a JT X1R2 X ring chain with split link.
It's 14 years on and has done a fair bit of trail riding so there are some areas of surface rust where the paint flaked off. Front down tube, rear peg mounts ect. A previous owner has painted the rear subframe. I have regularly coated the frame and engine in ACF50 and had the full intention to strip and paint the frame- but no free time means it hasn't happened.

I have a bag of bits that came with the bike when I bought it. A couple of random rear sprockets, pillion grab strap, original white plastic hand guards, chain guard, mirrors and a few other bits.
I also have an assortment of part worn tyre the buyer can't take their pick from.

The bike is well setup and ready to hit the trails so I'm looking for somewhere near the 1900 mark.
If it doesn't sell it I'll keep it and see if I use it. I may strip and sell of the CX500 instead to make some space.

Buyer collects from Port Talbot
Accompanied test rides welcome with proof of insurance and the asking price in my hand.













Clothing / Re: Advice on Boots
« Last post by tam22 on June 21, 2018, 22:47:32 »
I went for these as a newbie - RST RST Tundra CE Leather Boots - Black
Haven't been disappointed, but nothing to compare them with. Read an artical about how difficult feet and ankles are to reconstruct and that after a helmet boots are the next most important thing, so I always wear long length.

Cheers, Tam
I have an interphone fm. All good.
Accessories and After Market items / Re: Aldi roll bags
« Last post by Tiggerbits on June 21, 2018, 22:39:57 »
Just picked up two of the 44 litre ones.  :thumb:
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