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Tyres / Re: PR3 to PR4
« Last post by tallpaul on Today at 19:54:48 »
 :fix: :thumb:
Tyres / Re: PR3 to PR4
« Last post by Tusker on Today at 19:53:33 »
once again we prove that opinions are like arseholes,,,,  whether we like it or not we all have one.. my PR4's get fitted Thursday .. No matter what they will not be changed until they wear out..... :grin:
If it was a deep scratch you would feel it and yes it would be an issue. Due to the fact that they slide up and down and you are in a non sterile environment (I.e. out on the road) then there will be marks on there. If some grit became trapped behind the dust cover it could Mark the stanchion, so prise it off and give it a clean. If you notice it getting worse then it could point to a deeper issue. Hopefully someone like kwackboy can give an opinion. He's a pro and will see stiff like this all time. He may be able to give better advice.
This is mine. hope the picture works this time. :thumb:
Pictures / Re: test
« Last post by Graham62 on Today at 19:48:14 »
test 2
V-Strom specific discussion / Re: Parallel scratches on the forks...
« Last post by Botond on Today at 19:45:43 »
Thank you for the quick reply Paul,

I have tried but it doesn't seem deep enough to feel it with my fingernails.

I hope this is a good sign :D
Pictures / Re: test
« Last post by tallpaul on Today at 19:45:31 »
You passed with flying colours!
Pictures / test
« Last post by Graham62 on Today at 19:43:46 »
test 1
duh I didn't mean to post the same pic
I have a go pro fitted to my heed crash bars no vibration at all I think I have a ruff pic I will post,also I have a stick on mount on one of my helmets looks like a tellitubbie but works very well. Sorry about the pics going out now but will post better pics later
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