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For Sale (Bike related) / Re: Glee (wee) bits for sale.
« Last post by Doug on Today at 03:13:38 »
I should be able to get over to Leigh on either the 24th or 25th. Let me know which is best for you....
Just rerun the maths,  made magnitude error,. 13GW increase needed, "only" 10 more nukes.
Tyres / Re: New Road Pilot 4 fitted
« Last post by Sasquatch on Today at 00:57:21 »
Lowered foot pegs(combined with shocking rear shock) are still cornering speed limiting factor in the wet. Those tightening corners are dangerous   :roll:.
V-Strom specific discussion / Re: Cheap brake disks.
« Last post by Sasquatch on Today at 00:28:53 »
Ebay, quick search revealed chineese no name something, 90
OEM discs 115.40 , is 50 really worth it?
The Blue Oyster bar / Re: Zip Merging
« Last post by Sasquatch on Today at 00:12:33 »
Zipper merge makes sense only in heavy traffic, and is deemed safe in sub 30mph speeds. Drive trough Germany and you will see it done even at 50-60mph, higher the speed earlier merge happens, usually 50-150 meters before cones. At first lane closure warning lanes match speeds, 150-50 meters from cones lanes merge in turns, gaps are gradually build much earlier. Merging near the end halves queue length, therefore minimises risk of a queue on one road blocking junctions and more roads. And both lanes move at the same speed so risk of crashes drops too.
Introductions / Re: Hi!
« Last post by Graham62 on August 17, 2017, 23:19:21 »
Hi and  :welcome:
The Blue Oyster bar / Re: How did you get your job.?
« Last post by Sasquatch on August 17, 2017, 23:03:28 »
I have dismantled so many radios and other electronic gadgets that my parents bought me soldering iron and ton of electronics hobby magazines. When I was 12 ;). You're a bit late.
OMG Just Think of The Children...we must do it sooner....

25 Million cars on UK roads today and they increase by 600,000 a year, take a few million off for classics/die hard naysayers and you have around 35 Million electric cars, even with 5kw chargers that's 85,000 full size wind turbines just for the cars alone. You can expect the chargers to be more powerful though as batteries will be bigger - just look at current electric cars, they increase the overall power density over time, so chargers need to input more juice in a faster time as well.

So, given all that - guess what will happen...yup, a switch to hydrogen fuel, its refillable & uses existing infrastructure, no range anxiety & big oil will become big hydrogen - simples. But of course you know that currently most hydrogen production is from burning fossil fuels  :angry-banghead:.

Hydrogen generation from water takes much more energy than charging electric car.
Assuming all cars are teslas with 85kWh battery, charging 50% of it's capacity over 8 hours at night it will take 130 000GW to charge them all. 3250 TIMES CURRENT GRID CAPACITY!!!!
Even if we drop average daily range to 20 miles and split charging into 2 cycles, it will take 13 000GW, mere 325 times current grid capacity.
it's not going to happen, not by 2040, 2140 maybe.
The Blue Oyster bar / How did you get your job.?
« Last post by King Orry on August 17, 2017, 22:56:02 »
don't know about you folks, but when I was a Yoof looking for work I had no idea what I wanted to do, (not sure I do now) and wandered through a few jobs before arriving where I am today, dipping for the retirement tape.
With my youngest now 18 and looking for a way through life I found myself struggling for words of wisdom, it seems even harder than ever these day, so thought I throw it out there.
My only attempt was, "if you can find a job you enjoy, it's not really work". 👨🏻‍🍳👮👨🏼‍🚒👨🏼‍✈️🎅🏻
V-Strom specific discussion / Re: Cheap brake disks.
« Last post by Hugh Mungus on August 17, 2017, 22:50:29 »
I am with Tusker & Geordie20 on this one.

I have known a few people fit the 'cheap Chinkie' disks and found that the disks wore out quickly. I have been led to believe that 'they are better nowadays', which is great... 25% better? 50% better? Sorry, I have no idea.

I hate unnecessary expense and I recently had to buy a rear disk. I bought an EBC one as it seemed a fair price.

I'm guessing that a pair of front disks will be about 250 for a known brand. The cheap one's will be about half that price. Only you can decide on your own budget but my decision would be to spend the extra 125 on the most important part of my bike. It's not just the 'Buy cheap, buy twice' motto but the hassle of fitting the darned things.
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